Quality Septic System Repair and Service in NW Snohomish County

Septic system repair and serviceLocally-owned and operated Centennial Septic Service provides expert and affordable septic system repair and service to the communities of NW Snohomish County. Our highly-trained and experienced septic system specialists have the training, experience and tools to address any septic issue you may be facing, no matter how large or small. Give us a call and see why so many home and business owners in Snohomish County choose us for all their septic system repair and service needs.

Expert Septic System Repair and Service

While regular maintenance and septic tank pumping helps prevent the need for septic system repair, problems inevitably arise as your system ages. When issues develop, it’s important to have them properly assessed and addressed by a septic system specialist. Neglecting to do so in a timely manner can cause extensive damage resulting in more expensive repair. Call the experts at Centennial Septic Service for:

Pump Replacement
Filter and Baffle Replacement
Line Repair
Float Replacement
Distribution Box Replacement
Any Other Septic Problem

Septic System Warning Signs

Your septic system will usually let you know when it’s experiencing a problem. If you know what signs to look for, it’s possible to avoid most major septic system emergencies. Common symptoms of a septic system problem include:

Slow-draining Sinks
Clogged or Gurgling Toilets or Drains
Septic System Alarm
Effluent or Sewage in Yard
Greener Grass Above Septic System
Odor or Sponginess in Yard

Don’t expect these issues to go away by themselves, as they won’t. In fact, they’re likely to get worse without repair or service. Contact the experts at Centennial Septic Service to schedule your septic system repair and service today.

Emergency Septic System Repair and Service

Septic system repair and service in Snohomish CountyOver the years our company has developed a reputation for excellence. Part of that great reputation comes from being available when our customers need us most. Our 24-hour emergency septic system repair and tank pumping service is available Monday through Saturday, and we’re available during regular business hours for septic system installation and grease trap cleaning.

Septic System Repair and Service Experts in NW Snohomish County

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