Septic Tank Pumping Experts in NW Snohomish County

Septic tank pumping in Snohomish CountyLocal family-owned and operated Centennial Septic Service offers expert septic tank pumping to homes and businesses throughout NW Snohomish County. Constantly striving to meet or exceed our clients’ expectations, call to see why so many feel we’re the best local solution for all your septic system needs.

When Should You Schedule Septic Tank Pumping?

While every household is different, most tanks require septic pumping every three to five years. Level of usage plays the most important role in determining service frequency, as large families using significantly more water will probably require more frequent service. To help extend the time between septic pumping, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Avoid garbage disposal usage
  • Avoid excessive water usage
  • Fix leaking faucets and toilets as soon as possible
  • Never flush non-biodegradable items down your toilets

Septic Tank Pumping Services

The pros at Centennial Septic Service understand how important a correctly operating septic system is to daily life. Regular septic system maintenance is vital in extending the life of your system, as neglecting important upkeep can result in potentially expensive problems including the need for septic system repair or replacement. Not only is it inconvenient, it can cause significant damage to your property and put your family’s health at risk.

We offer efficient and affordable septic tank pumping services done by specialists with the training, certification and experience to complete tank pumping quickly and with minimal disruption to your daily routine. Let us help you ensure your septic system remains functional for years to come!

Expert Septic System Inspection

Septic tank pumpingIf you’re unsure when your last septic tank pumping service was scheduled, consider making an appointment for a septic system inspection. One of our specialists will be happy to assess the condition of your septic tank and recommend a pumping schedule. Inspections are particularly important when you’re buying a new property. You can also count on us for septic installation and grease trap cleaning.

Expert Septic Tank Pumping in NW Snohomish County

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