Septic System Inspection in Granite Falls: What to Expect

septic system inspection granite falls

Generally speaking, you should schedule a septic system inspection for your property in Granite Falls at least every three to five years. Your family’s water usage will have some bearing on this.  You can save time and money by following a few pre-inspection steps. 

On Location

If you haven’t had to do so before, locate your septic tank site plan. This is an important homeowner reference for multiple reasons, and also means your septic tank professional won’t have to locate your system himself.  It can be both expensive and messy for your provider to locate the tank.

Down the Garden Path

Easy accessibility to your tank can save you green, too, because some companies will charge extra if they have to clear a path to and uncover your septic tank lid. Moving toys, hoses and other impediments will make the job go quicker.

Dear Diary

Keeping a simple notebook with dates of inspections and any concerns or questions you may have will make system upkeep simpler.  With regularly scheduled inspections and service, your tank will last longer, and your system will work better.  If an inspection is overdue, be prepared to discuss potential septic tank repairs.  

Septic System Inspection in Granite Falls

Your septic system is a vital part of a healthy home and yard. Because the system is out of sight, it’s easy to forget about until a problem arises. Take time to contact us at Centennial Septic Service in Lake Stevens. You can expect expert advice, quality workmanship, and unbeatable customer care. We employ only licensed master installers and inspectors, and our company is licensed, bonded and insured. We are also qualified for septic system installation and grease trap cleaning.

Septic System Inspection Experts in Granite Falls

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