Frequently Asked Questions for Septic Service Users in Warm Beach

septic service Warm BeachIf a septic system is properly maintained, it will perform beautifully for decades.  But if it’s neglected, eventually you’ll find yourself dealing with a real nightmare! So what are the main things you need to know to keep your septic service running smoothly? Consider the following frequently asked questions and answers to keep your system well maintained.

What can I flush?

Become familiar with what you can and can’t flush down your system. Forcing the wrong items through your pipes can be an expensive mistake. Only water, waste and toilet paper are flushable. All other items should be put into a nearby trash can.

When is septic tank pumping necessary?

The recommended schedule for septic tank pumping is different for every household. Ultimately, it depends on usage and the size of your tank. A septic tank service expert can advise you. On average, however, most systems need pumping every three to five years.

How do I know if there’s a problem?

Spotting issues early allows you to schedule septic tank service sooner, which can help you save time, frustration and money. Call a professional if you notice strong odors, frequent clogs, slow draining or flooding in your drainfield.

Looking for a Septic Tank Service Expert in Warm Beach?

If you’re looking for a septic tank expert in Warm Beach, the pros at Centennial Septic Service will be happy to answer any additional questions or to provide availability information. Our team has the knowledge, skills and equipment to perform a number of important services, including septic installations, grease trap cleaning, system maintenance and repair. Contact us for more information.

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