Septic System Summer Care Tips in Arlington

septic system summer care arlingtonAlthough your septic system is pretty self-sufficient, it does require some TLC, especially if you have a lot of company during the summer months.  Keep the following septic system summer care tips in mind to ensure your system remains functional this summer and all year long in Arlington.

Inform Guests

Summer is the perfect time to host friends and family for social gatherings. Since many people aren’t familiar with septic systems, make sure your guests know the ground rules. If you’re planning a party or if guests are going to spend a few days, make sure everyone you invite knows how to properly treat your system. Friendly signs in the bathrooms may be helpful. Also, rope off any areas where guests shouldn’t drive or park. 

Look for Standing Water

When rain falls in the summer, ground saturation around your septic system can cause problems. If you notice standing water, especially in your drainfield, contact a septic professional right away.

Plan Landscaping Accordingly

Make sure you and your landscaper keep your septic system’s pipes in mind during any projects this summer. Plant trees no closer than 30 feet away from the septic system, and plant shallow-rooted plants that don’t drink a lot in your drain field. 

Need Septic System Summer Care Assistance in Arlington?

When you need professional assistance with your septic system in Arlington, count on the pros at Centennial Septic Service for all your septic needs, including septic installations, grease trap cleaning, system maintenance and repair. We employ an experienced team of specialists who are known for quality workmanship and unbeatable customer care. We have the knowledge, skills and equipment to assist with all your septic service needs. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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