Preparing for a Septic System Inspection in Granite Falls

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When was the last time you schedule a septic system inspection in Granite Falls, Washington? Every household is a little different, but all homeowners should schedule inspections and septic tank pumping with a septic expert regularly. As a general rule, the more water your family uses, the more frequently you’ll need to schedule these appointments. Before calling your local septic company, however, there are a number of steps you should take to prepare for the service. Keep the following in mind as you prepare for a septic tank inspection in Granite Falls. 

Locate Your Septic Tank Site Plan

Before the day of your septic system inspection, it’s a good idea to locate your septic tank site plan. This can save you time and money because your septic tank professional won’t need to locate your system himself. He’ll also have a reference while conducting the inspection.

Clear a Path to Your Tank

Make sure that your septic tank is easily accessible prior to your septic system inspection. Some companies will charge extra if they have to locate and uncover your septic tank.

Write Down Potential Repairs

It’s also a good idea to discuss potential septic tank repairs during your septic system inspection. Write these down so you don’t forget them. Make sure you mention any issues you’ve noticed and ask about any concerns you have.

Ready to Schedule a Septic System Inspection in Granite Falls?

Are you ready to schedule a septic system inspection in Granite Falls, Washington? Now that you know how to prepare for an inspection, it’s time to find a reliable septic specialist in your area. Contact Centennial Septic Service in Lake Stevens to receive expert advice, quality workmanship, and unbeatable customer care. Our team has the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to address your septic system needs. We also offer septic system installation and grease trap cleaning services.

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